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Talk Pregnancy with Dr Noella (TPWDN) is a non-profit organization based in the North West region of Cameroon. Our aim is to improve the health mothers and newborn and improve on the sexual and reproductive health rights of adolescents, thus decreasing maternal and neonatal mortality. This is achieved by working with the government, private sectors, civil society and community agents to ensure early and equal access to reproductive services during pregnancy especially among the marginalized population. TPWDN believes that every woman has the right to accurate information needed before, during and after pregnancy, therefore we aim to educate women and empower them with knowledge on preconception care, proper pregnancy follow up and right choses of family methods. This will make them plan and enjoy their pregnancy journey. In a long term we seek to ensure the establishment of preconception centers where couples can visit and know all what it entails before, during and after pregnancy in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy and family in a long run. Our main focus is on women, newborn and adolescents.


Talk Pregnancy with Dr. Noella was founded by Dr. Gwanyama Noella in 2020 after experiencing complications during her first pregnancy.

As a medical doctor who saw women lose their lives and their babies due to late arrival at the health facility, it was so disheartening. After she went through a pregnancy complication during her first pregnancy prompted her to take action. She has dedicated her work to improving access to early and quality health services before, during, and after pregnancy among women in rural areas and conflict-affected communities.



I took action to fight maternal and neonatal death after I experienced a
pregnancy complication.


I gave birth to my daughter Aretha on June
2019. I had a very normal and uneventful pregnancy, and sometimes I even feared
something was wrong with me since I did not feel all the usual pregnancy
symptoms like vomiting, nausea, excessive spitting, and craving. But after
several checkups, I was told the baby was growing well and had no problem, so I
was comfortable. Unfortunately, during the last ultrasound scan, I walked in
confidently, expecting the doctor to tell me everything was as fine as usual.
Instead, I was shocked when he spent almost 10 minutes more than the standard
time he usually takes. Sadly, he said there was a problem with the baby and
that a cord seen around my baby’s neck was associated with an actual knot, and
at the verge of suffocation. He immediately referred me to see my gynecologist,
who performed an emergency cesarean section within 30 minutes, and she was
successful. In addition, I suffered an anesthesia complication that frustrated
me even more.


This experience gave me the desire not only
to continue consulting pregnant women and managing complications but also to
learn how to prevent these complications and how to help other women get the
prompt and quality care I receive since not all women are privileged to get
this care. Secondly, how I can help them identify these problems early enough,
thus, early intervention.


There are a lot of women out there who
experience complications during pregnancy and visit the health facility when
it’s late. I, therefore, started this organization called Talk Pregnancy with
Dr. Noella to ensure that women know what to do before getting pregnant to
optimize the health outcome of themselves and their babies by encouraging
preconception care, providing a complete pregnancy follow to vulnerable
pregnant women making sure they have a complete prenatal visit, and lastly,
advocating for proper postpartum follow up among women in rural and
conflict-affected area.


It’s the work of Talk Pregnancy with Dr.
Noella to ensure no woman is scared to get pregnant and that pregnancy is not a
death sentence but a beautiful experience because they bring forth a newborn
and joy to the family, not sadness.

(Dr. Gwanyama Noella Ngendab Bobimwo espouse Mbusa)

Founder Talk Pregnancy with Dr. Noella,



Dr. Noella,



We envision a society where all women irrespective of their background have equal and early access to quality health services especially reproductive services before, during, and after pregnancy.



We believe that pregnancy is a beautiful thing and all women should enjoy their journey irrespective of their background. Our objective is to counsel and attend to women needs before, during and after pregnancy to ensure an enjoyable pregnancy journey.

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