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 Preconception care is the set of interventions provided to a couples before they get pregnant. This is to assist them by reducing risk during pregnancy and improving the health of the mother and baby throughout pregnancy and better pregnancy outcome. This however is not routinely practiced in Cameroon and in low and medium income countries and many pregnancies are unplanned and frequently end up unfavourably like babies being born with severe malformations, newborn deaths and even maternal deaths.

With AP-CARE, our aim is provide extensive education on preconception care to couples planning to have children. We intend to start by involving other actors or organizations dealing with sexual and reproductive through intensive workshops and seminars so as to equip them with knowledge on preconception Care thus extending our interventions. Secondly, this will be followed by community outreach programs, radio interviews and some interventions all to raise awareness on the importance of preconception care.

Therefore making pre-conception an important part in the lives of all couples women, will create a big step in optimizing the health of women and babies during pregnancy thus decreasing maternal and neonatal mortality.

We look forward to partnering with other organization, stakeholders and the government to make this project a big dream and promote a healthier society.

Thanks to the Volunteers of Talk Pregnancy with Dr Noella, our Founder Dr Gwanyama Noella, S.G Gamnje Standly, Coordinators, Angyiembe Edna, Project Coordinator, Ndo’ofwo Jeniffer, Cynthia Nde Awah, Community mobiliser, Walters Mukoh and the entire team.

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